Friday, March 2, 2012

Technical Podcasts I Listen To

The internet is amazing. If information yearns to be free (and plentiful), then information is in its heyday. I've seen some predictions that formal institutions of learning, such as universities, will need to adapt or die. A motivated person could literally get the equivalent of a computer science degree from buying some key books and using information freely available on the web, including webinars, videocasts, podcasts, tutorial sites and stackoverflow. I spend a lot of time at InfoQ, for instance, watching the excellent lineup of software engineering video lectures they make available. There is Google Code University to sink your time into. And MIT and Stanford are leading the way with free online courses of high quality (so I hear - I haven't taken one yet ...).

In any case, besides this paean to the internet, what I mean to list here are the current computer science/software engineering podcasts I currently listen to or have heard about and intend to get to. Like the video casts on InfoQ and (to a lesser degree) Google Tech Talks on youtube, there are more than I can keep up with.

Here's my list with my subjective rating from 1 to 10 (best). My rating is based on how useful it is to me as a software engineer first and second as a software/electronic device user. And I'm biased towards Linux, the JVM, JavaScript and Ruby. My interest in all things Windows and .NET is pretty low.

ShowSubjective Rating: 1-10 (best)
Software Engineering Radio10
Ruby Rogues9
Think Relevance Podcast9
Mostly lazy (Clojure)8
Teach Me to Code8
JavaScript Jabber8
Basement Coders (Java heavy)7
Adam Glover Podcasts - IBM developerWorks7
Security NowBumped to 7.
Been really getting into these lately and some excellent stuff on how the internet works
FLOSS Weekly6
Pragmatic Programmer's Podcast6
A Minute with Brendan (Eich)6
Herding Code (Windows centric)5
(their episode on git was excellent)
Java Spotlight4
The JavaScript Show4
Java Posse4
All About Android3
Linux Outlaws2
Computer Science Podcast??? - haven't listened yet
Curly Brace Cast??? - haven't listened yet
Hacker Media??? - haven't listened yet
Deductive Developers??? - haven't listened yet
Linux Trivia Podcast??? - haven't listened yet
Paul dot com (security related)??? - haven't listened yet
YayQuery??? - haven't listened yet
ArsTechnica PodcastBrand new: ??? - haven't listened yet

I'll update this as I get time to listen to more or find others that I like. I welcome any additions you know about.

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